Deutsche Soldaten: Part 2

Oberfeldwebel (Sergeant Major ) Josef Schwabenburger

2./GR 467 (2nd Battalion 467th Grenadier Regiment).


Josef was born March 6th 1920 in Linz, Austria.  He was awarded his Knights Cross of the Iron Cross for actions on the 10th of September 1943 whilst serving with the 2./GR 467. He was also awarded the “German Cross in Gold”; for actions on January the 13th 1943.  Both these actions presumably were against the Russian Army, as he is buried in what is now Belarus, as it was then: Krasniza/Vitebsk Oblast, Soviet Union. From what I can gather, in September 1943, the 267 infanterie division; 467 Grenadier Regiment, was involved in heavy fighting around Brjansk, the town was taken from the Red Army in a very bloody series of engagements, and was retaken by the Red army on the 17th September.  Other than this very little is known about Josef other than where he is buried at; Schatkowo (Belarus):


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