Deutsche Soldaten: Part 3

Obergefreiter (Senior Lance-Corporal) Josef Bauer,

Richtkanoniere L.E. Flakabt


Born in upper Austria, in the village of Eidenberg.  He died aged 25 on the 6th December 1944 from shrapnel wounds.   

His unit is a bit of a mystery to me, my best guess was:  Richtkanoniere [a type of anti-aircraft weapon] L.E. Flakabt  [Light Flakunit], however I have found L.E. could also mean Luftsperr Ersatz, who were made into anti-aircraft battalions later in the war.


He held the Iron Cross second class as well as the Wound badge, the Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge and the Crimea Shield [Krimschilde].  To get the Luftwaffe ground assault badge he would have had to:

“In order to receive the Ground Combat Badge, the following criteria needed to meet,

  • Involvement in three separate engagements on separate days.
  • Being wounded in an engagement.
  • Being awarded a decoration in an engagement.
  • A member killed in an action was automatically awarded the badge.”

So all three of these are a possibility as he has a bravery decoration, and one that shows he was wounded, and he was killed in action…. So he could have been given the award for any of the four reasons.


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