On this day: Part five; 3 VCs – Thirteen years apart……


Private Samuel Evans VC, 19th (Yorks):

April 13th – 1855: Crimea

The gazette entry states:

“For repeatedly volunteering for duties of a hazardous nature in the trenches before Sevastopol on 13th April 1855.  

In particular, he led a small party which repaired an embrasure at a very exposed part of the line, under heavy and continuous fire.”

However from other sources we get:

“On 13 April 1855 at Sebastopol, Crimean Peninsula, Private Evans volunteered to go into an embrasure to repair a breach. He and another private went into the battery and leapt into the embrasure, where they carried out the necessary repairs under very heavy enemy fire.”

I can also tell you that Private Evans was one of the 62 people first decorated by Queen Victoria in Hyde Park on June 26th 1857.


Private James Bergin VC, 33rd (West Riding)



Drummer Michael Magner VC, 33rd (West Riding):

April 13th – 1868: Abyssinia

“For their conspicuous gallantry, in the assault of Magdala, on the 13th of April, 1869.

Lieutenant General Lord Napier reports that while the head of the column of attack was checked by the obstacles at the gate, a small stream of officers and men of the 33rd Regiment and an officer of engineers, breaking away from the approach to Magdala, and climbing up a cliff, reached the defences and forced their way over the wall and through the strong and thorny fence, thus turning the defenders of the gateway.  The first two men to enter Magdala were Drummer Magner and Private Bergin of the 33rd Regiment.

(London Gazette, 28th of July, 1868)”





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