Grace Darling: Part II?

The namesake of a famous heroine provided her right to her name by the following gallant act which cost her, her life.  Miss Darling, who was headmistress of the Diocesan School at Rangoon, was staying at Amherst, when one of her pupils while bathing, was seized by a shark and was being carried out by the tide.  The girl’s sister and Miss Darling, rushed in after the victim, and the latter had caught her by the hair.  When she herself was attacked by the shark and dissapeared under the water, still clinging to the child.  Some native sailors came to the rescue and succeeded in dragging all three ashore, but the headmistress and the unlucky pupil, she had nobly tried to save, were dead.  The exact date of this splendid deed cannot ascertained but the story came from the Reverend T.Ellis of St Gabriels, Rangoon and appeared in the Times of may 25th 1894, and so it probably occurred a few day earlier.

April 30th 1894.

Yet again a gallant act recognised at the time, but nothing at all is online and until this was written, her act had probably been totally forgotten.


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