British troops re-interred nearly a hundred years after they died during the Great War….

Following on from my story about two Great War soldiers being re-interred nearly 100 years after they died, I have done some research and have this information about the men:

7359 Private Christopher Doulgas Elphick, 2nd Battalion; Honourable Artillery Company

Christopher, attested to the colours aged 26 years and ten months, on the 25th of November 1915.  Before he attested he worked as a clerk.  He was 5 feet 8 and a half inches tall, and had a scar across his back.

He embarked at Southampton: 18/10/1916

Arrived at Le Harvre: 19/10/1916

Posted to “C” coy and joined the unit in the field: 15/12/1916

Listed “MISSING”: 15/5/1917

Noted as “Regarded as having died on or around” 15/5/1917

He left a widow and a child, she received a pension of 18s/9d a week.   That’s all his records can tell me sadly.

T-Captain John Harold Pritchard, 2nd Battalion Honourable Artillery Company

On the same day as Christopher Elphick was killed, Temporary Captain Pritchard also met his end, along with 41 others from the Honourable Artillery Company (of these 43 men, 39 have no known graves, as of the interment of these two soldiers).   

John Pritchard rose from the ranks to gain his commission within the Honourable Artillery Company, he had seen service in France with the 1st Battalion as a Sergeant and had transferred to the 2nd Battalion upon his commission. He had embarked for France on the 18/9/1914 and he is listed as having gone out with the “BEF-France”.  His address was listed as St Leonards on Sea.  Otherwise none of his other records have survived and sadly this is all we know at this point.


The Honourable Artillery Company

1/1st Battalion
August 1914 : in Finsbury, London. Attached as Army Troops to 1st London Division.
12 September 1914 : moved to Belhus Park.
20 September 1914 : landed at St. Nazaire and placed onto Lines of Communication.
10 November 1914 : transferred to 8th Brigade in 3rd Division.
9 December 1914 : transferred to 7th Brigade in same Division.
14 October 1915 : transferred to GHQ Troops.
9 July 1916 : transferred to 190th Brigade in 63rd (Royal Naval) Division.
29 June 1917 : transferred to GHQ Troops.
26 September 1918 : transferred to 4th Guards Brigade, which at this time was in Cavalry Corps.
25 October 1918 : transferred to GHQ Troops.

2/1st Battalion
Formed at Finsbury on 2 September 1914. Moved to Belhus Park, going on in November to Blackheath, February 1915 to the Tower of London, August to Richmond Park, November to Wimbledon, January 1916 to Orpington, July to Tadworth (Surrey), and returned to Tower in September 1916.
3 October 1916 : landed at Le Havre and placed under command of 22nd Brigade in 7th Division.
November 1917 : moved with Division to Italy.


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