MIA, US Army MAC-V-SOG Sergeant found alive in Vietnam. – HOAX :(

Has U.S. Army veteran been found living in Vietnam village 44 YEARS after being shot down and presumed dead? Green Beret ‘cannot remember the names of his family or even how to speak English’.



  • Sgt. John Hartley Robertson is believed to have died in 1968 over Laos during a special ops mission during the Vietnam War
  • A new documentary claims to have found him – aged 76 – still living there
  • This man, who remarried, has never contacted the American wife and two children who have believed him dead for 44 years
  • Doubts remain over his identity but his sister, who is filmed being reunited with him in the documentary, said she knows it is him

Sgt. John Hartley Robertson’s name is etched along with 60,000 others onto Washington D.C.’s poignant Vietnam memorial – no doubt visited many times by the wife and two children he left behind.

But what if Robertson didn’t die during a classified special ops mission over Laos in 1968 as military records show but is still alive and well?

That is the jaw-dropping question posed by a new documentary which claims to have tracked down the one-time Green Beret to south-central Vietnam – where the 76-year-old is unable to remember his birthday, his American children’s names, or how to speak English.

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UPDATE: It’s a Hoax apparently….



3 thoughts on “MIA, US Army MAC-V-SOG Sergeant found alive in Vietnam. – HOAX :(

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