Peter Grant ‘Auld Dubrach’ , 1714 -1824 – The last surviving Jacobite soldier…….

Peter Grant ‘Auld Dubrach’ , 1714 -1824 .

Peter Grant enlisted into the The Monaltrie’s and Balmoral regiment, of the Jacobite Army in 1745 .  Sergeant Major Peter Grant was captured at the Battle of Culloden but escaped from Carlisle Castle while awaiting trial. He was never recaptured . Living to an old age he became known as ‘Auld Dubrach’, because of the name of the croft he was born in.

“Dubrach’s service record gives him as having taken part in various engagements with the English and Hanoverians and English Troops and having been decorated for bravery at the battle of Prestonpans.  He was taken prisoner at Culloden after the battle and transported to the military prison in Carlisle in England from where he escaped.  Dubrach made his way back to Scotland and there is no record of him ever having been recaptured, although there was a price on his head.  He married a Mary Cummings, many years his junior, and they had one son, a hill crofter, and one daughter, Anne.  The family eventually lived on a small hill croft at Westside, Near Braco, Glen Lethnot, by Brechin.  His daughter later moved a few miles down the glen to the hamlet of Lethnot.”

Grant was presented to George IV when he visited Edinburgh in 1822, “Ah, Grant, you are my oldest friend”, to which old Dubrach replied: “Na, na, your majesty, I’m your auldest enemy”.

Old Dubrach died in 1824 aged 110 years.  Sergeant Major Peter Grant never resigned from the Jacobite Army. On his death he was the last surviving Jacobite Soldier of the ‘45.

A stone tablet erected over his resting place has the inscription

“The old, loyal Jacobite is at peace. He kept faith with his rightful Monarchs all of his life, a hero and man of honour to the last.”


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