“Nazi” German, and American soldiers fighting….. side by side?

When we think of WW2, we think most commonly of plucky Brits and Yanks fighting against brutish Germans.  However the distinction should be made for the Germans; that there were the Wehrmacht, and the SS, the SS were the racially superior members of the “Master Race”, and were not wholly loved by the Wehrmacht, or the allied forces.   It was on May the 4th, that this tension between the Wehrmacht and the SS came to a head, with the Battle for Castle Itter.  The only recorded instance of the US army and the German army fighting side by side against the SS………

“Administratively, Itter was a subcamp of Dachau concentration camp; the castle’s detention conditions were, however, not comparable with those at Dachau. Itter’s prisoners were freed by units of the American 103rd Infantry Division of General Anthony McAuliffe on May 5, 1945. The next day, the American units fought alongside the German guards against attacking SS elements until reinforcements arrived, several hours after the end of the war”




3 thoughts on ““Nazi” German, and American soldiers fighting….. side by side?

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