A new sweetheart brooch?

Recently I’ve noticed the increasing trend in the rubber wristbands, the ones that to my recollection started out to denote ones relationships at campus parties, but were soon taken over by “Help For Heroes”, amongst others, to help raise money.   I looked at the few that I’d picked up the other day and noticed the array of different organisations that now use them.

To name a few:

  • RAFA Wings Week,
  • Bomber Command,
  • Help 4 Heroes,
  • Royal British Legion (2 designs to my knowledge),
  • Royal Marines,
  • Royal Anglian Regiment,
  • Fishing For Heroes,
  • Afghanistan Heroes,
  • Army Benevolent Fund,
  • “Proud To Support Our Troops”,
  • Forgotten Heroes,
  • “Treats for Troops”,
  • BFBS,
  • Combat Stress.

This is only a small list, but one worth keeping note of, as I have a feeling these may be the “sweethearts” of the future, after all they follow regimental/group colour schemes and are worn to show solidarity and remembrance.  Never before have these sorts of things been so disposable and widely available.  Smaller societies will be harder to obtain and the larger groups will undoubtedly have a plethora of designs to collect (as well as designs changing over time).  At the moment a fair sized collection can be built up for only a few pounds, and your money goes to a charity.  Perhaps a nice collectable for the future.


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