Royal Artillery Distinguished Conduct Medal 1917

A most interesting group 🙂 Such a pity about the star, although I have a couple of medals that have flaws, even a re-engraved 1914-15 star, to a DCM & MM group….


Via Flickr:

Thursday May 16th 2013. I acquired a First World War DCM Medal Group.

Whole group

Distinguished Conduct Medal and Star, BWM, Victory Trio. 4 medals in all. Wrongly mounted on 2 bars. I bought it knowing that there was a problem with the 1914 – 15 Star. The other medals were mounted in an incorrect order however the stitching indicates that this was done many years ago. The reverse of the Star was damaged to the extent that the naming was illegible. This did not look accidental. More of which later.

The DCM has some knocks and has definitely been worn which is good to know.

DCM Obverse close up

DCM Reverse close up

The interesting piece that came with the medals is a framed signed note from Major-General T Matheson. Again more of which later.

The medals as follows:

Distinguished Conduct Medal named to: 74672…

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