A-Ku-Hue…. a little known German sect


I recently bought a book on secret smuggling/spy concealment methods, in the back were some extra photographs included for interest by the author.


In Germany, in the heart of the Thuringian forest, lived till recently [Note; Book written about 1930ish] the members of a strange secret society of artists, the A-Ku-Hue.  Like the Germans of old, they lived in huts, called themselves “dwarfs” kept their own festivals and calendar, and spent their time writing or painting.  In the picture you see a new member of the sect leaving the pit in which he was initiated  – the leader, or hut-ghost, changes him into a “turnip” in which an “egg” is supposed to develop. from which the new member or “hut-beast” is born.

There you go, nothing else is online that I can find, and nothing in any of the books that I have….. a bizarre and now all but dead sect :/ I thought it may prove of interest to my readers, and perhaps someone out there has some further information.



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