Vinland Map: A fake? New research suggests so….

Amateur historian proves ’15th century map’ that showed Vikings discovered America before Columbus is a FAKE

  • Vinland Map hailed in 1950s and 60s as earliest depiction of New World
  • Map divided historians with some believing it was genuine
  • Researcher John Paul Floyd uncovered new evidence about its provenance
  • He said the Vinland Map is likely to be an elaborate fraud
  • Says map was drawn on genuine 15th Century parchment

It was hailed as the first proof of Viking exploration to the America and the earliest known map of the New World.

Moreover, the Vinland Map was used by some to claim that the Vikings had discovered America 50 years before Christopher Columbus.

Now a Scottish independent researcher has used simple Google searches to investigate the map and claims to have uncovered new proof that suggests it is an elaborate fraud.


One thought on “Vinland Map: A fake? New research suggests so….

  1. It is surprising how much of our history we take for granted, and then some centuries later modern equipment proves it is nothing more than a fake.

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