Nowadays they’d surely Sioux?

Came across this the other day; Robert McGee taken in 1890, one a of a very small group of people to have been scalped by Sioux Indians and to have lived!



In 1864, Robert and his family were heading West in a bid to find work.  As they headed towards Leavenworth, Roberts parents died and this is where the story gets a bit murky, it can be read two ways, one is that he was working on the wagon trains and his wagon train was set upon by Indians and the other is that shortly after his parents died the wagon train he was on was set upon.  So he is either on the same or a later wagon train.  However this doesn’t matter a great deal; After the rest of the train lay dead, either killed fighting or butchered as unarmed prisoners, McGee was taken before Little Turtle, the leader of the Sioux band, the chief decided that he would kill the boy himself, and he shot McGee in the back, then they shot him with arrows, pinning him to the ground.  It was then whilst the boy was still conscious, the chief took out his blade and removed sixty four square inches from McGee’s head, starting just behind the ears. After this ordeal the rest of the band stabbed him with the intention of finishing him off.


“The army at the nearby post heard that there were Sioux in the area, so they sent out a patrol to check things out. The patrol reached the scene of the slaughter about 2 hours after it occurred. They were shocked to see the carnage, and even more shocked to see that Robert was still alive. He was taken to Fort Larned, where the post surgeon treated his injuries. Amazingly, Robert recovered from his wounds. He lived, even though he no longer had a scalp.” []


So there you go…… a man who was scalped by the Sioux, and lived to tell the tale…. a remarkable tale indeed.


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