About Me :)


My name is Thomas and I am at heart, a history nut, at school I always found hearing about events in broad strokes boring, but when it came down to the individual people it made everything so much more interesting and real.  I have a special interest in the Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) as well as the Grenadiers and Coldstream Guards; thanks to family connections with these regiments.  If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email, or post a comment I’ll always respond 🙂

I try to give every nation a chance to be included; so far covering Britain, Canada, the US and hopefully in future I can cover more, axis and allied.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the posts I make and find something that interests you 🙂



BTW if you want to email me: historyguysblog-at-gmail.com (just replace the -at- with @)


4 thoughts on “About Me :)

  1. G’day Thomas
    I’ve just seen your blog regarding the Lyon-Smith family. I’ve been researching Antonia since her MI5 file was released on-line in 2011 as she was my step-father’s first wife. Her real story is even more interesting than MI5 knew! As part of my research, I’m planning on approaching the Russians in Moscow, as her Gestapo captor spent 10 years in their hands post-war before returning to West Germany where he was promptly “chatted” by the CIA (I have a copy of their file – it’s very revealing!). Their was also a Russian double-agent in the Gestapo’s hands who must have known about Antonia. Please contact me at


    Western Australia

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